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Hotel Lawyer on Hotel Finance. Where have all the lenders gone? Find them at Meet the Money® 2008 — Gateway to hotel financing.

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13 April 2008
Where have all the hotel lenders gone? You will find them at Meet the Money®, May 6-8, 2008 in Las Vegas.

Q: Why go to another hotel conference?
A: It’s the money, silly.

Q: Where do I get more information or register?

How bad is the “Crunch”?

Last week, the Wall Street Journal provided some data to quantify the change in credit markets, saying that since July 2007, global debt underwriting volume has plummeted by $2.2 trillion. To put that number in perspective, it is almost the size of the United Kingdom’s entire gross domestic product ($2.3 trillion in 2006). And most of that decline, or $1.3 trillion, occurred in the U.S. debt markets.

In case you and Rip Van Winkle just woke up, it is clear that the past 9 months have witnessed a major sea change in capital availability. The past nine months of continued monthly declines in debt issuance is the longest downturn in the credit markets since 1990. Debt issuance last month (March 2008) was down 71% from March 2007.

I have seen my own microcosm of this phenomenon in assembling our Meet the Money® panels for May 2008. In 18 years of presenting Meet the Money®, I have rarely had more than 2 or 3 capital sources who, in any given year, have virtually “left the market.” This year, there were more than two dozen (possibly three dozen if a number of suspicious declines for “schedule conflict” are included).

So that leaves one big question . . .

Is there still capital available for hotels? Here’s what some Meet the Money® 2008 conference speakers say . . .
Given the sea change in capital availability, I asked the capital providers speaking at Meet the Money® a “tough question” recently: “Are you actually still approving hotel loans or equity investments, and funding now . . . or just standing by waiting for the credit crunch to pass?”
While current market volatility makes any financing uncertain until the deal has funded, here are some representative quotes from our Meet the Money® panelists just a couple weeks ago in response to my “tough question” about actually funding now:

“We are absolutely still funding — a little more expensive than 8 months ago, and a little less leverage (70-75% LTV), but still lending.”

“Closed one yesterday, and signed 3 term sheets this week.”

“I’ve got a large union fund pulling its money out of stocks and wants to redeploy $60 to $80 million in equity for to-be-built hotel development that is fully entitled and ready to go. I’ve already placed about a $140 million. ”
“I am currently involved in several deals north of $50 million where we will be financing the whole loan (not subject to participation).”

“We have lots of money to invest and the banks love us – especially right now. Oh, yes. We also have the largest comingled union real estate investment fund in the country.”

“We are seeing a lot of capital coming from off-shore right now.”

“I plan to declare that we are open for business and explain why. I will discuss our capabilities including geographic reach, loan size, syndication capabilities, etc. I will go over the parameters required for us to do a loan.”

Do you want to meet the “real players” in today’s market?

A year ago, a good hotel investment would attract up to a couple-dozen capital sources who bid against one another to do the deal. Today, a lot of hotel finance inquiries are turned down, go unanswered or trigger a lot fast talk and excuses.

My team and I have been at this for a long time. We have worked very hard to assemble one of the most promising programs filled with the “real players” in today’s game. If you are involved with hotels, it would be a serious mistake to miss this important event.

Our capital providers will be gathering in Las Vegas on May 6-8, 2008 to spend two full days telling hotel owners and developers exactly what they are seeking in hotel investment. And the people who are doing deals will explain how they are getting them done.

On top of that, it looks like there are some “interesting” opportunities in troubled assets, so we will be looking at those, as well.

This is going to be a very popular event! Don’t miss out. You can join us by registering now for the 18th annual Meet the Money® conference — the Gateway to Hotel Finance — where value gets created, deals are struck, and solutions are uncovered.

Here are just some of the panels you won’t want to miss:

• Who’s Funding Now? WHY, WHEN & HOW?

• Reshuffling the Capital Stack
• Capitalizing and Re-Capitalizing Solutions in Today’s Market
• What does Equity Look for Today? (Equity investor guide, operating partners and JVs)

• Filling the Void: Innovative Approaches to the Capital Stack
• Construction Finance: Is anybody there?

• Alternate Strategies for Troubled Times: Survival Strategies, Workouts & Opportunistic Investments

Where have all the lenders gone?
Find them at Meet the Money®!

For conference and registration information:

For hotel information and reservations: Green Valley Ranch Resort, 866-782-9487
For questions: <a href="mailto”>

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