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Green hospitality attorneys present EPA’s Energy Star and other great resources for greening your hotel operations or development

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19 May 2008
Hospitality lawyer with ENERGY STAR and other green hotel resources from the EPA. At the recent Hotel Developers Conference presented by JMBM’s hotel lawyers, there were many valuable presentations. (See the rich library of articles on green hotel development here at (Just go to the blog, search down the right hand side for “Topics” and then click on “Green Hotels.”).

The EPA wants to bring its ENERGY STAR resources to the hotel industry and offers a number of ways to partner for energy savings. Stuart Brodsky, gave all the delegates attending JMBM’s recent annual Hotel Developers Conference a lot of great resource materials that demonstrate the environmental and financial value of energy efficiency in new construction and existing buildings. Here they are for your library.

1,400 Energy Star rated buildings – What’s the big deal? Which hotels?

How can the EPA help hotels go green? What is the EPA? What programs and resources does it offer? What green initiatives are effective?

These are all important questions, and here is the EPA’s answer prepared as part of its presentation to the American Hotel & Lodging Association Executive Committee.


The EPA has developed a menu of resources for the Hospitality Industry. Here it is:

What’s in it for me? How the hotel industry can tap into the pay day.

The EPA says:

* U.S. hotels spend close to $4 billion on energy every year.

* Reducing these costs by just 10% is equivalent to a $0.62 ADR increase for limited service
hotels and a $1.35 ADR increase for full service hotels.

* Let ENERGY STAR guide you, step by step. Become a partner by calling 1­888­STAR­YES or visiting:

Here is the program for hospitality:

Thanks to Stuart Brodsky and our friends at the EPA.

JMBM’s Hotel Developers Conference

For the past five years, the Global Hospitality Group® of Jeffer Mangels Butler and Marmaro LLP has presented The Hotel Developers Conference™. Each year, this high level conference focuses on a current, cutting-edge issues such as resort development, condo hotels, and hotel mixed-use. In 2008, the conference, supported by UNLV and the USGBC, Nevada chapter, was devoted solely to green hotel development, renovation and operation.

Some of the great presentations from this series by the hospitality lawyers at JMBM include the following:

* Hospitality Lawyer Talks with The Ambrose Collection’s Deirdre Wallace on Going Green with an Existing Building

* Compelling economics of green hotels by Gary Golla – going LEED Silver with a luxury hotel only costs 1/4% premium and provides 30% ROI plus 28% savings on energy, water and sewage for life of building.

* Saving money by going LEED Platinum by Kip Richardson
* How to get LEED certification and make it pay (harvesting all the incentives) by Lynn Simon
* Beyond LEED: The Future of Sustainable Design by Kip Richardson
* The Orchards — Green Case studies in green hotel development and renovation by Stefan Mühle
* Demystifying LEED by Howard Wolff
* EPA Energy Star and other resources available to hotels by Stuart Brodsky

And there are many more valuable articles at, particularly under the Topic of “Green Hotels.”

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