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Green Hospitality Lawyer: Index and links to articles on Green Hotel Development and Green Hotel Operations and Sustainability

14 September 2008

Hospitality Lawyer with an index of articles on Green Hotel Development and more

The hotel lawyers at JMBM receive many calls from hotel owners and hotel developers looking to build LEED-certified hotels and to operate their hotels more sustainably. We increasingly see developers selecting their entire development and management team based on “green” hotel development experience. It is critical for the architects and consultants, but why shouldn’t you have a team where everyone understands what the focus is? Why should you be paying for on-the-job training instead of getting helpful input from each contributing member?

A rich library of green hotel development materials from the Hospitality Lawyer

JMBM’s Global Hospitality Group® gets the whole green thing. We are proud members and supports of the USGBC. Several of our attorneys are working on LEED-AP certification. And we teamed up with UNLV in March 2008 to present one of the most comprehensive “Gen 2” Conferences on Green Hotel Development and Operations. The power point presentations are available here on for free.

  1. Green Hospitality Lawyer: Downturn or no, green hotels make economic sense.

  2. Top picks of hospitality lawyer insights in 2008 are: (1) hotel financing and hotel values in buy-sell transactions, (2) hotel management agreements, and (3) LEED & GREEN hotel development

  3. Hospitality Lawyer talks with Ambrose Collection’s Deirdre Wallace on going Green with an Existing Building

  4. <a href="”>JMBM’s Hospitality Attorneys with case studies of the compelling economics of Green Hotel Development by Gary Golla of SERA

  5. The Mirabella — Hotel attorneys with a real world project where client saved by going LEED Platinum

  6. How to get LEED certification for your hotel. Hotel Attorney on GREEN hotel development: The green consultant’s perspective.

  7. Green Hotel Development — Going “Beyond LEED” with JMBM’s hotel attorneys

  8. Hospitality Lawyer with successful case studies on green hotel development and renovation – The Orchards

  9. Hospitality Lawyer on Green Hotel Development – Demystifying LEED

  10. Green hospitality attorneys present EPA’s Energy Star and other great resources for greening your hotel operations or development

  11. Hotel Lawyer: How to build, operate and finance GREEN hotels now.

  12. Green Hotel Lawyer: Why should you do GREEN hotel development, and HOW do you do it?

  13. Green Hotel Development Lawyer: UNLV-JMBM Hotel Developers Conference 2008

  14. Green Hotel Lawyer: ULI’s Urban Land article on Greening Hotels

  15. Hotel Lawyers Hotel Developers Conference 2008

  16. Hotel Lawyer with GREEN GEMS from the Los Angeles Hotel Investment Conference

  17. Hotel Lawyer on the “real economics” behind the paradigm shift to GREEN hotels

  18. The UNLV-JMBM Hotel Developers Conference

  19. Hotel Lawyer: Why the SEC may make you go GREEN

  20. JMBM Hotel Lawyers Announce First Green Hotel Development Conference

  21. Hotel Lawyer — Eco-friendly lifestyle hotel mixed use project closes financing

  22. Hotel Lawyer on developing GREEN hotels. Don’t wait for the GREEN. It is here. First LEED Gold Certified hotel in U.S. is announced.

  23. Hotel developer alert. So you’re thinking about building a green hotel — or making your existing hotel a little greener? Can you afford not to do that today?

  24. Hotel Lawyer on Green Hotel Development: Green hotel development is profitable now! Inspirations from the pioneers make it dangerous NOT to be “green”

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