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HOW TO BUY A HOTEL: Hotel Acquisition Checklist

8 February 2013

Buying a hotel? Why use a checklist?

Checklists are a great way to keep track of things when a lot of work needs to be coordinated among a lot of people.

Buying a hotel is usually a complex process with a lot of moving parts. Just keeping track of all the key people involved can be challenging in a fast-moving deal. And because a hotel involves both special purpose real estate and an operating business, there are many details requiring attention to successfully evaluate and transfer the hotel.

That’s why the hotel lawyers in JMBM’s Global Hospitality Group® usually start every hotel acquisition or hotel investment transaction by customizing a generic form of checklist to fit the specific transaction at hand. By clicking the link below you view or download one of the generic forms of hotel acquisition checklist that we often use as a starting point in preparing a customized checklist for each unique transaction.

The customized checklist helps us manage the acquisition or investment process, keep all the participants coordinated, and press forward to meet urgent milestones and deadlines.

[Read on to see how you can get your own free copy of our checklist . . .]

JMBM’s hotel acquisition checklist

Our generic form of hotel acquisition checklist has been developed over the years applying our extensive experience with more than $87 billion of hotel acquisitions and investments, involving more than 3,900 properties all over the world. Through use of the checklist, we endeavor to identify all the people involved in the transaction (including the affected parties, advisors, and consultants) as well as all the major documents, tasks to be performed, and timing. By identifying all the tasks, due dates and responsible persons, we smooth the process and avoid overlooking something important as everyone rushes toward the closing of the deal.

The issues and concerns raised by the generic version of our various customized checklists apply to any hotel or other hospitality investment transaction — whether a purchase or sale, a loan or financing. This checklist must obviously be adapted as appropriate.

Register for your FREE copy of JMBM’s Hotel Acquisition Checklist

The Hotel Acquisition Checklist is now available at Click the “Resource Center” tab and scroll down to the Checklist. We are happy to provide to all our industry friends a FREE copy (upon registration) of our generic hotel acquisition checklist.

View Checklist, register and download: Click here

Register and download Checklist: Click here

HOW TO BUY A HOTEL — Free handbook

The Hotel Acquisition Checklist is just one item in JMBM’s HOW TO BUY A HOTEL Handbook.
Until the free handbook is published (expected soon), you can access all the materials on this subject at Look on the right hand side of the home page and click on “Buying & Selling a Hotel.”

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