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JMBM’s Chinese Investment Group® happenings and events

29 August 2012

JMBM’s Chinese Investment Group® has been very busy the past few years. Our team of lawyers represents the interests of Chinese investors who are purchasing or building hotels in the United States. We also represent hotel developers seeking to take advantage of the inbound foreign investment to capitalize their projects — whether through the EB-5 investment program or foreign direct investment.

In the EB-5 area alone, we have worked on more than 40 projects under the EB-5 investment visa program throughout the U.S., most of which are projects made possible with Chinese investment capital.

Here is a recap of some current events involving our Chinese Investment Group® and Chinese investors.

Chinese Judges visit JMBM
This photo was taken in JMBM’s Los Angeles office recently when 18 senior judges from China’s Shandong Province visited us. While they were here, JMBM partner David Poitras, presented them with a two-hour lecture and facilitated a discussion. The delegation of judges were participating in an International Training Program through California State University, Long Beach.

Targeted Employment Areas (TEAs) in California

In May, several members of our EB-5 team were invited to meet with officials in the California Governor’s office to discuss the state’s revised procedures for designating Targeted Employment Areas (TEA), a critical component for the viability of EB-5 projects. California is the primary destination for Chinese investors — both for living and for investing — and California has strong historic and economic ties with China. JMBM’s lawyers are strong advocates for maintaining and strengthening those ties. From our offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Orange County, we represent our clients’ interests nationwide.

Seminar in Shanghai about doing business in the US

Chinese Investment Group® member Monica Vu will participate in a seminar hosted by PKF Consulting Inc., in Shanghai on September 15, 2012. The seminar will be moderated by PKF partner, Hannah Wu, whose expertise includes the verification of funds brought into the U.S. from China.

Guests will consist of PKF’s Shanghai-based high-net-worth individual clients who are interested in investing in the United States — including real estate acquisitions — and learning about EB-5 investment immigration. The seminar will be conducted in Mandarin Chinese.

Los Angeles forum on Chinese investment in US Real Estate

In June, my partner, Guy Maisnik was a featured speaker at the “2nd Chinese Investment in the U.S. Real Estate and EB-5 Finance Forum” in Los Angeles. Our lawyers continue to be at the forefront of Chinese hotel investment throughout the U.S.

Chinese Judges Visit JMBM

Earlier this month, JMBM hosted 18 senior judges from China’s Shandong Province (see photo above), and partner David Poitras gave them a two-hour lecture and facilitated a discussion on U.S. commercial bankruptcy and reorganization. The delegation of judges were participating in an International Training Program through California State University, Long Beach.

David said the judges were very enthusiastic about the topic and were most interested in the give and take which takes place in complex chapter 11 cases such as American Airlines, Lehman Bros. and the current spate of U.S. municipal bankruptcies. “They were also quite interested in the ‘too big to fail’ cases of the recent past,” he said.
“At the conclusion of the program, it was clear that the judges had a much better understanding of how business bankruptcies work in the United States,” said Anthea Xu, ITP’s program manager. She noted that the information could be valuable as business reorganizations develop in China.

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