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Hotel Lawyer from Meet the Money® — Lodging Industry Investment Council (LIIC) announces its top 10 challenges for hotel industry in 2012

9 May 2012

Along with Mike Cahill of Hospitality Real Estate Counselors (HREC) and Sean Hennessey of the Lodging Investment Advisors, I am privileged to be one of the co-chairs of the Lodging Industry Investment Council (LIIC). LIIC is the hotel industry “think tank” whose membership owns or operates many billions of hotel investments, and involves all aspects of the industry.

LIIC Annual Survey

I am grateful that Mike Cahill takes responsibility for analyzing LIIC’s annual survey of lodging investment trends and challenges, a highly regarded profile of investment sentiment and attitudes for the lodging industry for the next 12 months.

This survey results in the annual “LIIC Top Ten”, which Mike delivered to more than 350 participants at the 22nd annual conference of Meet the Money® today.

Economy is top concern

You won’t be surprised that the economy remains the biggest concern among LIIC’s members. But some of their beliefs about where things are headed are less obvious and very interesting.

If you were not in attendance, you missed Mike’s personal insight. But the presentation is available on It is brief and straightforward, as was his delivery today. For a snapshot of what industry leaders are thinking about right now, click here.

LIIC serves as the leading industry think tank servicing the hospitality business ( We appreciate all LIIC members for their continued contribution to leadership in our industry.

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