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Hotel Management Agreements


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Contracts between hotel owners and managers (or operators) controlling the management of a hotel go by various names. They are called hotel management agreements, HMAs, hotel management contracts or hotel operating agreements. For convenient reference, this article will generally use the term “Hotel Management Agreement” or “HMA.” However all these terms can be used interchangeably and mean the same thing, just as with hotel operator or hotel manager.

Whatever they are called, Hotel Management Agreements allocate risk between the hotel manager and the hotel owner. They are critical in determining the profitability and value of a hotel.

How to get a great hotel operator
Terminating Hotel Management Agreements &
Negotiating Hotel Management Agreements

How do I get a good hotel operator and a good hotel management agreement?

How do I get a good hotel brand and good hotel franchise or license agreement?

How can I terminate a bad hotel management agreement? Terminating a hotel management agreement.

What are important hotel management agreement terms?

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