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Hospitality Lawyers present JEWELS from Meet the Money® 2009 — the “best ever” hotel conference

8 May 2009

Hospitality Lawyers with the latest information from Meet the Money® 2009

Typical comments at Meet the Money® this year were “Best ever conference!” and “I am never going to miss this conference again. It’s different than all the others.”

For all of our industry friends — whether or not you were able to attend Meet the Money® 2009 — we will present some of the invaluable information delivered at the conference. We will present both the “raw data” of the PowerPoint presentations, and will also have some commentary in the next few days.

This article is the “index” for the slide presentations from the Conference.
Meet the Money® JEWELS

The hospitality lawyers of JMBM’s Global Hospitality Group® want to thank the incredible speakers and sponsors who make Meet the Money® one of the hotel industry’s most important conferences — the venue where leaders of the hotel industry get deals done and candidly exchange meaningful information. Conference delegates came this year “to do business” and get a sense of direction. We think they did.

We are sorry if you missed this year’s Meet the Money®. Next year will be our 20th anniversary, and it will be very special. All the information will be on (Calendar the first week of May 2010).

Get the JEWELS from Meet the Money 2009!

This article is an “index” or guide (with the hyperlinks) to help you find the JEWELS or presentations from this year’s Meet the Money® panels. There is no charge. They are all 100% free. They are merely organized in this fashion to make them easier to access.

Over the next few days, we also will post some observations and commentary about these presentations, and other information we gathered at Meet the Money®.

State of the Hotel Industry — How bad is it? When do we get out of this mess?

The first presentations, included below, are the State of the Industry presentations from:

Click here to see Mark Lomanno’s “U.S. Lodging Industry Overview”


Mark V. Lomanno
Smith Travel Research
(615) 824-8664 x3303

Click here to see Mark Woodworth’s “Night has Fallen — Waiting for Sunrise”


R. Mark Woodworth
PKF Hospitality Research
(404) 842-1150 x222

Hotel Cap Rates and Values

Two of the all-time most popular articles on are from Suzanne Mellen, of HVS. The first one was an article from last year’s Meet the Money®. It was entitled, “Hotel Attorney on State of the Hospitality Industry. Suzanne Mellen’s HVS presentation at JMBM’s Meet the Money® 2008.
And on May 7, 2009, Suzanne gave us the latest information which is a little scary and very intriguing. I expect this will become a classic.

Click here for Suzanne Mellen’s “Hotel Values and Cap Rates”.


Suzanne R. Mellen CRE MAI
Managing Director
HVS International
(415) 268-0351

One of the other most popular articles to ever appear on was a primer on capitalization rates based on Suzanne’s data, my insights, and Suzanne’s patient assistance. That article is entitled, “Hotel Attorney on Hotel Cap Rates. What’s happening to hotel cap rates, values and financing?
The markets and the economy

If you missed the luncheon presentation by Richard Greene, of USC’s Lusk Center on May 6, it is your loss. Unfortunately, Richard did not have any slides. Maybe we will present some of his information in subsequent blogs.

However we do have presentations from John Arabia of Green Street Advisors, and David Loeb of Robert W. Baird & Co.

These two very timely presentations provide great information about a range of critical market and economic factors, including NOI growth prospects, trends in leverage ratios, return and IRR expectations, and how the same public markets that got us into this mess may eventually get us out.

I would suggest you view these in conjunction with the presentations above.

Click here for John Arabia’s “State of the Public Equity Markets — Lodging & REIT Sectors”.


John V. Arabia CPA
Managing Director
Green Street Advisors
(949) 640-8780

Click here for David Loeb’s “How Public Markets Helped Us Get in This Mess, and How They Might Get Us Out (Eventually)”.


David Loeb
Senior Research Analyst-Managing Director
Robert W. Baird & Co.
(414) 765-7063

Other articles on State of the Hotel Industry

Other recent articles that relate to the state of the industry paint a pretty consistent picture of data and trends. Here are a few links to articles for your convenience:

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