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Condo Hotel Lawyer: Not so fast! Locking Down the Condo Hotel Structure

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22 September 2006

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We have been called in after-the-fact many times by developers who have been given unworkable condo documents drafted by expert condo lawyers. The problem is that they were experts in condos, but had scant experience with hotels, and no experience with condo hotels. Unfortunately, the best way to fix bad documents at the outset is to throw them away and begin again from scratch. Condo hotel deals are far too complex to try and bandage bad documents. But once they are in place, you may have to live with them for a long time, even if they are terrible.

For better or worse, most of the elements critical to the success of the condo hotels structure get “baked in” or locked down in documents that are difficult or impossible to change once implemented. This includes crucial factors like cost and revenue allocations, mechanisms for maintaining uniform product standards and high quality of maintenance and service, obtaining and managing the necessary room inventory, and providing adequate revenues and means of enforcement to meet condo unit owners’ obligations.

Before locking down the structure, you need to be sure that all these documents are right — the CC&Rs, HOA articles and bylaws, HOA management agreement, and Shared Facilities Agreement, as well as the rental program agreement and the hotel management agreement with the hotel operator. Good documents that adequately cover all the issues particular to condo hotels will help developers minimize problems and maximize profitability.

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