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Condo Hotels’ Enduring Legacy: Hotel-Enhanced Mixed-Use

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7 September 2006

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I’ve been reading some press items lately that suggest the condo hotel phenomenon is coming to an end. The stories point to a few specific markets, like South Florida and Las Vegas, that are saturated with capital and deals, or to specific projects that have gone awry.

Are condo hotels dead? No, they are alive and well. Will the super-heated boom continue? No. Consumer demand will normalize and be cyclical, but quality projects will continue to be successful, particularly in markets that have not been flooded with product.

In any event, we believe that condo hotels continue to perform a valuable role and have earned an enduring legacy in the hospitality industry. They make new hotel development feasible where limited financing and skyrocketing constructions costs would otherwise be prohibitive. And perhaps more importantly–at least over the long-term–condo hotels have changed the way we view hotels being mixed with residential other kinds of real estate projects.

From direct experience with more than 80 hotel mixed-use projects over the past five years, all of which involved a condo hotel or residential component, often with other commercial real estate uses as well, we have participated in a intense effort that has produced some break-through solutions to obstacles that held back many earlier mixed-use projects. This effort has created a new technology and a deep pool of practical experience that already paying huge dividends. This technology and experience is critical to the success of hotel mixed-use as it takes an ever more-prominent role in commercial real estate.

And these improved approaches and body of experience for hotel mixed-use were developed just in time to join the now widely-hailed and more universal explosion of real estate mixed-use projects. In the last decade, the real estate industry has come full circle from viewing mixed-use with suspicion and derision. It is now seen as a legitimate class of real estate in its own right, and one that has captured the imagination of everyone. Increasingly, hotels are gaining recognition as the “ultimate amenity” for mixed-use projects because they can distinguish the project, provide a great driver of traffic, and offer an integrating center or hub for the mixed-use villages.

We like to call the next generation of well-conceived and executed projects “hotel-enhanced mixed-use.” But that is a subject for another blog entry. Stay tuned!

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